Republican Riber Basin Water and Drought Portal

Water Supplies/Restrictions

Communities and individuals rely on a dependable, quality water supply to meet their domestic, agricultural, and industrial water needs. Unfortunately, there’s not always enough water to go around and, at times, restrictions are necessary to keep from depleting the water system. There are several resources that provide current information on the state of water supplies and restrictions in the Republican River Basin.

Bureau of Reclamation Eastern Colorado Office
The BOR provides news releases and reports on current water supply issues and contracts within their area. The site houses information on current projects and recreational updates.

Bureau of Reclamation Nebraska-Kansas Office
The BOR provides news releases and reports on current water supply issues and contracts within the Republican River Basin. They also monitor the current levels and allocations of many reservoirs within the basin.

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Water Conservation and Drought Information
The Nebraska DHHS conducts surveys to identify public water systems that are experiencing water stress and restrictions.

Drought Impact Reporter
The National Drought Mitigation Center maintains a national archive of news stories and reports on the effects of drought, which is updated on a daily basis.

Where are the Latest State Drought Reports

Colorado Water Availability Task Force
Throughout the year, the task force monitors snowpack, precipitation, reservoir storage, streamflow, and temperatures, and provides a forum for synthesizing and interpreting water availability information. Task force members meet quarterly or monthly to share information.

Kansas Climate Summary and Drought Report
The Kansas Water Office compiles a monthly climate and drought summary throughout the year.

Nebraska Climate Assessment and Response Committee (CARC)
CARC meets periodically to assess climate-related hazards, such as drought, and gather information on related impacts.